The Midnight Cruisers: A Tribute to Steely Dan

The Midnight Cruisers

Some might say it’s a crazy scheme, but we’re telling you this one’s for real: Des Moines’ very own Steely Dan tribute band.

We’re all about the Dan, the whole Dan, and nothing but the Dan.
“The fix is in. You’ll be a witness…”

Band Interests

Hot licks and rhetoric, spangled leather ponchos, spandex jackets, collecting piasters, smooth retsina, not caring while you run around, the Lido, squonks, jogs with show folk on the sand, the sugar shack in Pennsylvania, suburban vipers, sweeping the playroom, red beans and rice, dime dancin’, relaxing at Camarillo, three weight ounce pure golden rings, etc.

Artists We Also Like

A ton, but Steely Dan is king of the world, as far as we know